U is for US93, Mohave County, AZ

Anne M Bray, U is for US93, Mohave County, AZ, 
Digital painting printed on various substrates in various sizes, ©2015 
I was especially giddy when I drove this stretch of highway, the route from Kingman, AZ to Las Vegas. I had been consuming Little Nellie's salsa (see L) for 24 hours and was on a definite chile high.

The image itself has been through several permutations.

Anne M Bray, US93, Mohave County, AZ, 
Pastel on paper, 38 x 29.5", ©1995
As well as in gouache and a digital reproduction of the gouache -- I can't seem to locate either. When I do, I will add them. So disorganized.

Both the digital painting and the pastel are in my current exhibit up at TAG Gallery.
Tomorrow is the opening reception, 5-8pm. Stop on by, if you are in Santa Monica.


  1. These are so beautiful! They make me want to hop in the car and hit the road.


  2. Meant to leave my link and tell you I'm a Team Leader just checking in to more blogs today. :-)

    AtoZ Challenge Team Leader


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