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I'm Anne M Bray, crazy road tripper.
I've been creating road-based art since the 80s.
©Anne M Bray  Desert Sunset, 2010, pastel/paper, 19 x 31"
Desert Sunset, 2010, pastel/paper, 19 x 31"
©Anne M Bray  Sugar Cane, Veracruz, MEXICO, 1982, pastel/paper, 8 x 12"
Sugar Cane, Veracruz, MEXICO, 1982, pastel/paper, 8 x 12"
Click here to see a large selection of pastels.

I will be circumnavigating the US 48 states by car counterclockwise.
I will be time-lapse capturing the view out the passenger side.

I just have to.
I've driven ACROSS the US so many times, I wanted to do something different.
It was the view from the I-10 in El Paso looking over to Cuidad Juarez that got me thinking about The Edge.

Starting late March 2014 until I'm done.
My current estimates have me home in Los Angeles in early June.

My first cross country road trip was in late summer of 1974, from York, PA to Santa Barbara, CA.
These maps are from a sketchbook that I created in January for The Sketchbook Project 2014. It plotted most of my US road trips. I will roll out highlights of each trip here until I hit the road.


  1. AMB - I will be on FL's Gulf Coast (St. Pete Beach and Sarasota/Siesta Key) with boys next month. I will report on food, lodgings, and attractions.

    1. Great! I have separate food and attractions pages that you can add links onto.

  2. I really enjoyed perusing your artwork through this challenge. I especially liked Little Nellie's. The truck looks like it's in motion!
    Your project of travelling around the perimeter of the US sounds so interesting! Happy travels :)

    1. Thanks Joanne (sorry to respond so late -- I don't get notified about comments on the Blogger platform).
      Have you done A-Z challenges? Link!
      I'm for sure doing one on my Word Press blog and maybe something fashion-related on another blog. (Too many blogs, not enough time).

      Anne M Bray http://annembray.wordpress.com


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