NOLA #MBsociallydriven

Long time, no write!

I believe I have found a way to return to writing about my 2014 On the Edge trip and to perhaps maintain my interest in the task. Time will tell!

Mercedes Benz approached me with a fun way to "Share My City". << click on that link from your smart device and you can join in!

Here is my New Orleans:

My plan is to make more of these 5-image slide shows of my trip.
Five images, one zip code = mini slide show. (Hopefully not just sunrises from my motel rooms -- I have A LOT of those!)
I had left off writing about the trip at New Orleans, and I thought it'd be a good starting point for this iteration of the project.

Next up, April 3, 2014: somewhere between NOLA and Panama City, FL.

If you make your own slideshow, will you share it here? 
I'd love to see everyone's 9-second adventures!


Update: On the Edge, The Journal

I have found a great way to procrastinate on the Fashion Illustration exhibition that I'm "supposed" to be working on, due in December.

Working on my "journal" that I meant to keep during the 2014 Edge trip!
Is it still a journal if I work on it two years after the journey?
Maybe it's a memoir now.

I left you hanging in New Orleans on my last 2014 Roadtrip Recap post,
not a bad place to be, by any means.

I'm getting the pages prepped with gesso. Then I'll adhere the ephemera. Most of the maps were glued into place back in May 2014. Somehow I missed a section of Montana and Idaho (Washington is already glued in) so I'll have to make an extension page. Fun times.

I've had some good help sorting the ephemera:
What is it with cats and paper? They always plop down in the middle of it! 
Eventually, I'll get the Roadtrip Recaps rolling again, this time with the journal pages as headers. So we will all know where we are on the map. I will resume the recaps with Day 8, NOLA to Panama City, FL. Stay tuned! See it in photos over on Flickr now, if you're feeling impatient.


#myshittycommute Art Show Opens Tonight

Saturday, April 2, 6-9pm.
Show runs until April 30

254 West Bonita Ave
Claremont, CA 91711
Tu-Sat, 12-6pm

Meanwhile, peruse the book:
Or visit the trucks on Tumblr, I am still adding to the collection.
The most recent addition, from yesterday:
Hope to see you in Claremont tonight!