Backtrack to 4.4.2014: Panama City to Fort Myers, FL

Super 8, Panama City, Florida, digital watercolor
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Fishing Lures, Crum's Mini Mall, Panacea, Florida, digital watercolor
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Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Tampa Bay, Florida, digital watercolor
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Breakfast: complementary yogurt from Super 8 (vile)
Lunch and Dinner: leftovers

Crum's Mini Mall


On the Edge Travels East

33 Edge images made the journey to Troy, NY and only 21 returned to LA.

I mailed the pieces to my first East Coast destination, Providence. Through a nerve-wracking series of delivery misses, I obtained the box at the post office the day that I left Providence. [Next time, I think I'll pay the airline's extra luggage fee -- it would have been cheaper and less stressful.]

The "exhibit" at my high school reunion was a one-night deal in a tent (and the usual exhibition space in the hall of the library/arts building stood empty the entire weekend. Grrrr). I had previously tested the "lots of small aluminum art pieces mounted on foam core" concept at the Beverly Hills Art Show, and knew that would work well for the tent situation. I picked up foam core at Michael's en route to Vermont (my next destination) and went my merry way.

Annie's place in Vermont has an amazing woodworking workshop and it was the ideal location to get everything laid out and mounted.
So glad that I created the image/price list and had a hard copy!
Made it easy to line up everything in the proper order.
Done. Next stop, Troy.
In the tent, first sales!
Transporting the art in a golf cart to my dorm at the end of the evening's event.
Our dorm had a lounge area for our class to congregate and I displayed the art there.
What remained at the end of reunion weekend.
BIG THANKS to my collectors Carla, Mina, Annie, and Libby!
There remained one more stop for the art before returning to LA, and that was my mom's in Barneveld, NY. She and my aunt bought three more, bringing my total sales to 12.

Now they're for sale on Poshmark [or email inquiries to me directly].
There are still 8 pieces "visiting" Joshua Tree. Maybe I'll do a little road trip to gather them!


Backtrack to 4.3.2014: New Orleans, LA to Panama City, FL

This post has been stuck in "edit" mode for more than a year.
What was my road block?
I'm not sure -- maybe I ran out of gas and couldn't find my AAA card.


As mentioned in the last post, Waterlogue now has a spiffy desktop version. I've updated a bunch of the original Edge waterlogues [for some art exhibition opportunities], and am now working on a new set and uploading them to Saatchi Art. It's been enjoyable having my head back "on the road". And perhaps the road block has cleared.
US90, Pearl River Bridge, Louisiana ©2019
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No dining links -- I ate leftovers.