New Funding Opportunity

Meet my newest funding idea: my Patreon subscription site!
I took some of the perks from my initial 2014 IndieGogo crowdfunding campaign and reconfigured them a bit:
[click on image to read text]
If you happened to contribute in 2014 for an artwork perk, and never chose your image [you know who you are], you may do so at any time! Operators are standing by to fulfill your request! Leave a comment and I'll get back to you.

What you can get for as low as $1 a month: 
  • Exclusive peeks behind the scenes -- virtual studio visits, process videos perhaps
  • Advance looks at new artwork before it becomes public -- work I start doing now won't be visible elsewhere until April
  • Listing (with link) on my On the Edge blog 
  • Thank you card snail mailed to your home

I want to give a shout-out to Tui Snider for inspiring me to make this a thing.
We met virtually during the first or second A-Z Blog Challenge.
I've been following her on Facebook and Instagram since then.
She has a really fun list of perks on her Patreon -- go check it out!


On the Edge "Out the Side" Time Lapses

I thought the Edge Brinno time lapse captures were a lost cause. [See this post].
Watching them as videos (which is how they're saved) makes me car sick!

Today, however, as I was scrolling through the beginning of the April 3 set frame by frame, I found some alluring images. Not a totally wasted effort at all! Instead of turning these into Waterlogues, as I had planned, I like them just the way they are -- after some cropping, that is.
Orleans Parish, LA 4/3 6:40am
Orleans Parish, LA 4/3 6:41am
Orleans Parish, LA 4/3 6:45am
Orleans Parish, LA 4/3 6:43am