Mapped: FL > SC

Florida to South Carolina is going to take 4 days, according to Roadtrippers.com, a site I just read about in the LA Times. [Above is a composite of the 4 separate legs, which is why it looks a bit strange].

I thought I'd give the site a try, since I made such a hash of my Google map seen on the previous post. Roadtripper also uses Google maps, so I was in a familiar space (having already mapped these parts TWICE already). You enter your Start and Destination (just like Google) and your route gets plotted the quickest way possible (just like Google), typically on Interstates. I found it easier to make and move extra markers off the Interstates to the US highways in Roadtripper. It was also MUCH easier to smooth out any circling tangles that sometimes occured (ALWAYS an issue when I use Google).
reenactment achieved in Google Maps in under one minute
There are more features in the site, which I'll explore further later (local attractions, eats, accommodations, etc). First, must map!

Notice that I broke one of my "rules" of not doubling back on any roads. "But it's Key West!"
I've never been to Key West, I've been curious about that stretch of US1 that threads across the keys, and when will I be again driving so close? Never, most likely. Rules are made to be broken, right?