Greetings from 04276

Paul says "hey" too.

Greetings from 04401

Good morning! I'm in Bangor, Maine, only 28 miles from where I spent the night before if I had driven on the other US1. [Why does Maine have so many US1s? It's VERY confusing].
No, I went an extra 395 miles via Mt Desert Isle, Calais, and Houlton.

Yesterday morning, not very far from my departure point of Ellsworth, I got out of the car and took a lovely woodland walk at Ship Harbor in the Acadia National Park.

(Note to self: get out of the car more often).

As I continued along the Eastern edge, it was interesting watching the scenery transition from coastal tourist/vacationer roadside business to hard-scrabble farming communities. When I reached the Canadian border at Calais, I felt like I was beyond the beyond.
I even got re-welcomed to the state.
In all my excitement of nearing the Northeast corner of the US perimeter, I posted this to my fashion blog instead of here:
Oops! Must pay more attention when creating posts on the phone.

Here's where US1 and 95 meet in Houlton, the NE corner:
where I missed the turn
After I have some breakfast, I'll be ready to hit the road again. 
Tonight, I'll be in Burlington, VT.


Edge Failure on Cape Cod

I really really wanted to go all the way out to Provincetown, I've never been there.
Mother Nature said "No".
Waterlogged, not Waterlogued, near Barnstable, MA
Saw weird roadside things! Windows too wet for decent photos. Too dangerous to even take photos!


Greetings from 02909

HUGE "thanks" to everyone that contributed to my IndieGoGo campaign!
It ended with a whimper, due to a lack of WiFi. I was unable to spam friends with beseeching emails, which maybe is for the better. I'll be running a part 2 starting May 1 and already shot some video footage when I was on Block Island. [Note to IndieGoGo: make a better mobile version so we can run our campaigns on the fly!] 
Selfie still from video
I'm having an extended rest stop in Providence with my good friends Patucci and Mark. They have been so generous over the years, housing me when I was at loose ends in the 90s (I stayed almost a whole summer with them one year). I'm reveling in great food, a comfortable bed, seeing old friends, and a little shopping.
Waterlogued view from the Hot Club, Providence, RI

While here, I'm continuing to process the Waterlogue images and have almost finished the Southern Edge. Not sure how soon I'll get those all posted (or where) but I need to get some press images selected to send to my gallery for the show I'll be having starting mid-June. Maybe I'll let you all choose your favorites (I think I need six). Oh yeah, I have to get my announcement cards printed too. Details, details.
Maybe this image of an old gas station, somewhere in TX?


Road Recess.

Training it into NYC. Using the down time to write my artist statement about this whole adventure. Analog style. 


SpyCam: Roanoke NC

"Cowards need not apply"

Sketched in Bath, NC

Greetings from 27889

Hello from Washington, NC!
I spent a few days relaxing and recharging (and getting my taxes done) at my Mom's on Fripp Island in South Carolina. Lots and lots of dawn and dusk beach photos and videos. I think those would count as Edge images, don't you? 

The bandwidth is bad here at the Days Inn and I had to finish composing this from my phone. Color me Crabby (you will just have to imagine the giant crab from Myrtle Beach. It won't upload). 


The Erskine Challenge [duplicate of page]

It's not all about me!

Meet Jane Erskine. I'm dedicating this trip to her.
She and I both went to Emma Willard, a girls' prep school in Troy, NY. She graduated a year after me.

Jane had Stage IV melanoma and died on July 24, 2012.

It was partly Jane's passing that got me thinking "If not now, when?" (My own victory over breast cancer certainly nudged me into action as well). My 40th school reunion seemed the perfect time to make this crazy trip.
Jane herself was known for acts of daring and has been described by her friends as a true maverick.

Here's the challenge:
Guess exactly how many miles it will take me to get from LA, CA to Troy, NY.
(This will be determined from odometer readings and will include all side trips and wrong turns).
Person entering closest guess in one of the following places wins (subject to verification of donation*). The Rafflecopter widget below,
Comments Box -- here or on Erskine Page (tab above),
on the Facebook On the Edge post,
or, as a last resort, via direct email (see envelope icon on sidebar).

Requirement: a donation to the Emma Willard School scholarship fund. 
(*Any donation made between 1/1 - 5/8/14 qualifies).

Winner will receive a digital watercolor, printed on paper. Image TBD by winner.

No amount is too small and anyone can donate!
Click here to be directed to Emma Willard's site then come back and enter your mileage guess.
Guessing closes when I arrive either at the Emma Willard campus or the hotel in Albany, whichever comes first.
Winner will be announced late Friday night, 5/9/14.
I'll publish a post Saturday morning as well, in case you're not in Albany celebrating with me.
a Rafflecopter giveaway


The Progress on the Process

Are any of you wondering "Where are the time lapse photos?"
Yeah, me too. It's much more complicated than I anticipated.
The Brinno set up in the car.
Ever evolving configurations of foam and duct tape hold it in place.
Sometimes it stays at true horizontal.
Other days it tilts.
The worst day a piece of foam could be seen for many many miles.
Downloading the Brinno's SD card into the laptop is easy and VERY fast.
Then the time consuming part begins.

If I were to proceed with my original concept, I would need to manually scroll through the time-lapse videos to choose captures that I like. Then I would grab a screen shot and convert it into a jpg to transfer over to my iPad. There, I could apply the Waterlogue App effects to the image.
Laptop, iPad, SD card, card reader for iPad
Screen grab. I-10 in El Paso, looking across the border to Cuidad Juarez
Waterlogue version
Frankly, my digital point and shoot takes better captures (although it's more hazardous):
What can I say. It's a learning process.