Greetings from 04401

Good morning! I'm in Bangor, Maine, only 28 miles from where I spent the night before if I had driven on the other US1. [Why does Maine have so many US1s? It's VERY confusing].
No, I went an extra 395 miles via Mt Desert Isle, Calais, and Houlton.

Yesterday morning, not very far from my departure point of Ellsworth, I got out of the car and took a lovely woodland walk at Ship Harbor in the Acadia National Park.

(Note to self: get out of the car more often).

As I continued along the Eastern edge, it was interesting watching the scenery transition from coastal tourist/vacationer roadside business to hard-scrabble farming communities. When I reached the Canadian border at Calais, I felt like I was beyond the beyond.
I even got re-welcomed to the state.
In all my excitement of nearing the Northeast corner of the US perimeter, I posted this to my fashion blog instead of here:
Oops! Must pay more attention when creating posts on the phone.

Here's where US1 and 95 meet in Houlton, the NE corner:
where I missed the turn
After I have some breakfast, I'll be ready to hit the road again. 
Tonight, I'll be in Burlington, VT.


  1. You are so close and yet so far from me : ) Next time maybe. When you drive by Niagara Falls you are about 2 hours from me. Sadly the wait at the boarder can add on an extra 2 hours to your itinerary. Also you need a valid passport. I am on my way to France this week...bad timing. You would love Toronto. Have you been to Canada before?

    Looks like a lovely walk.


    1. ARGH. Wrote a long reply on my phone and it didn't take. Annoying.
      Anyway, I have my passport and will probably walk into Canada when I visit Niagara Falls, but venture no further than that. I've been to Montreal (74), Nova Scotia (79), and across Ontario on Rt 17, but never Toronto. Someday! Maybe there's a Canada Edge trip in my future!

  2. What a gorgeous place! The only time I went to New England it was October, and absolutely beautiful. I'd love to go again. God this is a big country!

    1. I lived in the Berkshires in western MA as a child and October is one of the best times to visit!
      Agree on large size. MUCH larger when circumnavigating! I'm at 7000+ miles!


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