The Erskine Challenge [duplicate of page]

It's not all about me!

Meet Jane Erskine. I'm dedicating this trip to her.
She and I both went to Emma Willard, a girls' prep school in Troy, NY. She graduated a year after me.

Jane had Stage IV melanoma and died on July 24, 2012.

It was partly Jane's passing that got me thinking "If not now, when?" (My own victory over breast cancer certainly nudged me into action as well). My 40th school reunion seemed the perfect time to make this crazy trip.
Jane herself was known for acts of daring and has been described by her friends as a true maverick.

Here's the challenge:
Guess exactly how many miles it will take me to get from LA, CA to Troy, NY.
(This will be determined from odometer readings and will include all side trips and wrong turns).
Person entering closest guess in one of the following places wins (subject to verification of donation*). The Rafflecopter widget below,
Comments Box -- here or on Erskine Page (tab above),
on the Facebook On the Edge post,
or, as a last resort, via direct email (see envelope icon on sidebar).

Requirement: a donation to the Emma Willard School scholarship fund. 
(*Any donation made between 1/1 - 5/8/14 qualifies).

Winner will receive a digital watercolor, printed on paper. Image TBD by winner.

No amount is too small and anyone can donate!
Click here to be directed to Emma Willard's site then come back and enter your mileage guess.
Guessing closes when I arrive either at the Emma Willard campus or the hotel in Albany, whichever comes first.
Winner will be announced late Friday night, 5/9/14.
I'll publish a post Saturday morning as well, in case you're not in Albany celebrating with me.
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  1. What a fun, stupendous and generous campaign you have concocted! Cheers to you Anne!!! XO
    And long live our mischievous Jane!!!


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