Greetings from 02909

HUGE "thanks" to everyone that contributed to my IndieGoGo campaign!
It ended with a whimper, due to a lack of WiFi. I was unable to spam friends with beseeching emails, which maybe is for the better. I'll be running a part 2 starting May 1 and already shot some video footage when I was on Block Island. [Note to IndieGoGo: make a better mobile version so we can run our campaigns on the fly!] 
Selfie still from video
I'm having an extended rest stop in Providence with my good friends Patucci and Mark. They have been so generous over the years, housing me when I was at loose ends in the 90s (I stayed almost a whole summer with them one year). I'm reveling in great food, a comfortable bed, seeing old friends, and a little shopping.
Waterlogued view from the Hot Club, Providence, RI

While here, I'm continuing to process the Waterlogue images and have almost finished the Southern Edge. Not sure how soon I'll get those all posted (or where) but I need to get some press images selected to send to my gallery for the show I'll be having starting mid-June. Maybe I'll let you all choose your favorites (I think I need six). Oh yeah, I have to get my announcement cards printed too. Details, details.
Maybe this image of an old gas station, somewhere in TX?


  1. Oh Anne! Stay warm. Spring is coming....I think. On my way to New York And Ct. I'm packing my woollies. These water colors. Ohhhhh! The gas station took my breath away. Gorgeous!

  2. Love that last image. I've been having fun watching your progress.

    Sounds like you're having a bit of down time with friends. After all that driving you must be exhausted!


  3. Thanks ladies! Yep, the gas station will be the card image. Down time has been fun! Hitting the road again tomorrow. Wheeeeeee


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