R is for Route 66 Motel, Kingman, AZ

Anne M Bray, R is for Route 66 Motel, Kingman, AZ, 
Digital painting printed on various substrates in various sizes, ©2015
I was operating under the impression that this image was taken in Santa Rosa, NM.
A Google Image search this morning reveals that it's actually in Kingman, AZ.

How on earth did it become so misfiled in my photo album from that trip? 

I hung the piece Sunday in my art exhibition that starts today. It's labeled, the paperwork is printed and for now, I'm not changing it. We'll see if anyone notices my mistake. I'll do a running change and make the correction in the next batch of printing.
I ran out of time to fully vet the A to Z images before hanging the show. Do I have any other mistakes remaining on S through Z? Time (and Google searching for blog links) will tell!

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