Redefining the Edge

I've made the executive decision that ANY road trip takes me to The Edge.
Anne M Bray, Dawn: Reeves County, TX, Oil on canvas, 24 x 48"  ©2001 
I'm having another exhibition at TAG Gallery, entitled Southwest Sojourn.
The show runs
April 21 - May 16, 2015. 
Opening Reception: Saturday, April 25, 5-8pm 
Artists' Talk: Saturday, May 9, 3pm
TAG is located at D3, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica

I wrote my Artist Statement about the work this morning. Here it is:

Southwest Sojourn

The greater Southwest has been a huge inspiration for my roadscapes (landscapes involving roads) that I’ve been working on for more than twenty years. I have driven all over the US, and images that I photograph in the Southwest spark my creative juices like no other region. I think it’s the stark beauty of sky and earth stripped down to their core elements that pulls my soul.

On a quirkier note, there is a lot of unusual roadside business that happens in the Southwest. Route 66 [supplanted by I-40] and I-10 are the two chief arteries for passing through. As every seasoned roadtripper knows, Route 66 is a great source of vintage visual wealth: funky old signage, souvenir shops, ageing motels. I revisit some of these spots in my “Southwest A to Z” series, comprised of 6x6” digital paintings representing every letter of the alphabet.

I’ve driven there so that you don’t have to. My roadscapes are a celebration of fleeting moments frozen in time. Urban, rural, and the roads in-between -- I share with the viewer windows for contemplation.


Anne M Bray, C is for Coffee Tanker, AZ, Digital painting on canvas, 6 x 6" limited edition of 10,  ©2011 

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