Ever On the Edge

Old notes from the road:
Room 164
This was a good spot.
Chosen because right next
door to a Waffle House
(But I'm not having a Waffle)
Last night's highlight was
I picked up a praying mantis
on my bag (probably
on the bush next to the
car) It was bright, bright
green. I took it back outside,
after my bath.

Left L.A. at 2:00, just like
I thought I would. Traffic
was horrendous and I only
got this far.
Anything on the drive yet?
The image of the stark
rocky mountains rising out
of the desert sandy reddish
as the sun sank behind a
streaky set of clouds --
briefly it flared into a garish
Arizona display -- but that was
behind me. Ahead, the hazy
blue slowly getting darker + darker.


I'm on a mad hunt to find a photo of Zzyzx Road that is SOMEWHERE in my stacks of old road photos. I came across the above in one of the piles. Now I can't remember which pile it belongs with. Sigh. Not dated, I can't tell you when it was written.

Ever on the edge -- have I ever taken a leisurely road trip?
Not one trip comes to mind.
This is why I usually travel solo. I push hard, stopping only occasionally.
It's grueling and that's how I like it.

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