Interviewed by Angela Romero of Colliding Worlds

For your viewing pleasure:

Angela interviewed me in February of 2014 at the Palm Springs Fine Art Fair.
Somehow I missed the December posting of this.

I find it cringe-making to watch video of myself,
thankfully a lot of images of my work are shown!
Angela asked me a lot of interesting questions and I'm glad it got captured on tape.
Thank you Angela and Steve!

Here's the link to all of the Colliding Worlds video casts on Youtube.


  1. Hello Ann: I really enjoyed the video - so nice to hear you and see you in movement.

    1. Ha! Thanks for noticing! To me, "Ann" looks unbalanced!

      Seeing video of someone DOES make a difference, right? I tried shooting some selfie video for my second Indiegogo campaign for the On the Edge project and just couldn't cope with it. Though it's pretty funny where I sit in silence trying to remember what I was talking about.


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