Road Trip Recap Day 3: Van Horn to Eagle Pass TX

Motel 6 Sunrise, Van Horn, TX  digital painting ©2014 
Day 3.
I woke up at dawn, and ended up getting a late start. (The wifi was good at the Motel 6).

On US90, the Prada Marfa installation appeared when I least expected it -- it's in Valentine, 35 miles northwest of Marfa.
Waterlogue version here
I arrived in Marfa at noon, too late to tour any of the indoor art installations, (except for Zoe Leonard's very cool camera obscura) and too early for viewing Donald Judd's aluminum pieces at the Chinati Foundation. Outdoors, I was able to walk Judd's 15 Untitled Works in Concrete, 15 groupings of large rectangular forms set in a sere landscape.
After art came eating. I went for a couple of slices at the Pizza Foundation.
Then it was time to hit the road.
Sunset on US277, TX  digital painting  ©2014
All this day's photos are on my Flickr here.

This post is dedicated to Joseph Frost, my uncle. He passed away last week. Uncle Joe loved to travel and took many road trips. Adios.

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