Roadtrip Recap Day 4: Eagle Pass to Sinton, TX

US77, TX  digital painting, ©2014 
I left Eagle Pass at dawn.
My phone had gone "out of range" the night before, here's my old school navigating:
I was nervous about driving solo along the southern TX/Mexico border -- I had read about police targeting travelers with infractions and impounding their cars, to fill town coffers with the impound fee payments. Another worry was the fracking oil boom around Carrizo Springs after reading this article in the LA Times.
It was all very quiet, much to my relief.
Mobile meal:

Exxon brands their convenience stores "El Tigre" along the southern border.
When I arrived on the Gulf side of the state, it was very flat, hot, and humid.
This gas station was next to my motel.

All this day's photos are on my Flickr here.

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  1. What a brave journey!! I hate to drive alone without navigation system and than if this is not enough.. it´s a dangerous corner there along the border of Mexico. Hope you´re fine :)



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