First Samples of Prints on Metal

[This is a reprint of my first update over on my IndieGoGo campaign, with some modifications]

Big "Thank you" to everyone that has contributed!  You are all on the "AAA" list!

First samples came in for the Pilot perk!
The Pilot is a digital watercolor printed on aluminum.
It will come with a flush mounted frame.
I got a sample pack from Bay Photo of the four possible finishes. I added float mounts to them, since the flush mounted frames weren't available for that size.
The final will have more white space around the image, I was limited to 4x6" for the special sampling deal. Going with the Satin finish (bottom left). Next I'll get an actual size (5x7") sample with the proper frame. So far, really happy with the quality.

I have to thank my fellow TAG Gallery artist Christo Brock for the concept of printing images on metal. It's a great alternative to "paper under glass".

I'll be using this format for my TAG show in June.

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