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Long time, no write!

I believe I have found a way to return to writing about my 2014 On the Edge trip and to perhaps maintain my interest in the task. Time will tell!

Mercedes Benz approached me with a fun way to "Share My City". << click on that link from your smart device and you can join in!

Here is my New Orleans:

My plan is to make more of these 5-image slide shows of my trip.
Five images, one zip code = mini slide show. (Hopefully not just sunrises from my motel rooms -- I have A LOT of those!)
I had left off writing about the trip at New Orleans, and I thought it'd be a good starting point for this iteration of the project.

Next up, April 3, 2014: somewhere between NOLA and Panama City, FL.

If you make your own slideshow, will you share it here? 
I'd love to see everyone's 9-second adventures!

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