Mapped: Southern EDGE

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I finally sat myself down with Google Maps (yet again) to start plotting my route. One can only route out 26 stops (for directions, mileage and estimated duration), so I stopped at Panama City, FL.
I'd made a previous map in 2011 which got messed up (as often happens with my Google maps. In fact, I managed to erase all my work above. ARGH! Thank goodness I made a screen shot that included my plot points! I will have to do it YET AGAIN). Anyway, as I was saying, along with being messed up, the 2011 map was plotted with the plan of driving at State highway level. VERY INTIMIDATING!
Look at Connecticut:
CT wore me out. I couldn't face the rest of New England after CT.
Really. Plotting CT made me realize that THE TRIP WOULD TAKE FOREVER!
So I let it rest for a couple of years!

Going as local as State highways is much saner.
Except when I get to Maine. We will avoid that subject for now. Denial can be a blessing.
In fact, I was surprised that from my home to Van Horn, TX, it's pretty much the same highways that I would take on any road trip (if I were to go via San Diego, that is).
I even know how long that section will take! 2-3 days!
Not so scary after all! (She says with optimism).
Next: Florida...

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