Road Gear Sketch: iPod

The Sketchbook Project is a crowd-sourced collection of artists' sketchbooks that is housed in Brooklyn. I've submitted a variety of sketchbooks to their collection and my Road Gear sketchbook is the most recent addition.

I sketched all the electronic gear (plus some other must-haves) that I used on my On the Edge US road trip last spring. I'd been posting these on my Sketch blog but realized that there's more to the story and the story belongs here.

This first sketch I think I did last May at my mom's house.
I have more than 6400 songs on this old iPod, it has traveled many, many miles with me.
For the Edge trip, I set it on "Album Shuffle".
Here is the first song that played:
One of the most amazing moments of aural synchronicity was in St Augustine, Florida:
The sketchbook is currently out on a road trip of its own, riding in the Sketchbook Project Mobile Library with about 4500 other sketchbooks.
It's in Miami this Saturday and Sunday!

Saturday 6/13: 12:30 - 4:30
  • Perez Art Museum
  • 1103 Biscayne Blvd - Miami, FL 33130

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