Greetings from 13304

Maybe we'll have a break in the rain today? 

I've gone off The Edge again and am taking a break at my mom's in central upstate New York. Going slightly batty from lack of WiFi, but I'll get a grip. Doing my utmost to not do my usual transformation into a surly teenager with my nose in a book on the couch. I have PLENTY of things to keep myself creatively occupied and I'm ready to get to them. 
Though I say on the sidebar graphic that Part 2 of my road trip crowdfunding will commence today, I doubt that will happen. I'm going to have an introductory video this time and I need to edit it. That should be an adventure. I'm sure lots of cussing at iMovie shall ensue.

I'll be starting day by day recap posts soon for your reading pleasure. Scads of photos will also become viewable, especially for those of you that want to redeem your art rewards from round 1 of the crowdfunding. 
Yes, LOTS to keep me busy!

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