Gear: Memoto Lifelogging Camera

I think I've found my camera for the trip:
I just bought preordered the camera for my trip:
[photo + logo grabbed from Memoto's press kit]
I first learned about the Memoto on Kickstarter last October. It sounded like a really cool concept: a tiny digital camera that takes a photo every 30 seconds with geolocating and cloud storage. No need to offload anything to my laptop or an external hard drive! No need to convert data-heavy video files! The option to share road photos while I'm on the road! Yes, sign me up! At the time, I was too broke to pledge the $249 for one. But I never forgot it. It haunted my road trip visions.

So today I pre-ordered a graphite grey one (I'd love an orange one, but am being practical and thinking about window reflections). As soon as it arrives, I'll take it for a test drive down PCH, from Point Mugu to Santa Monica. Stay tuned!

Note: I have received no compensation from Memoto for this post.

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  1. Hey, Memoto team, get it made already! Two months I've been waiting!


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