Most of My Road Trips, Stitched

It's been WAY too long since I've been on a road trip!

I'm happy to say that I'll be making a quick drive up to San Francisco this coming Saturday.

One of my stuck-at-home projects was to start stitching all my road trips on a dish towel sized North American map. 

I worked up the map in Illustrator, using a Photoshopped denim scan and vector maps purchased from iStock. I had it printed by Spoonflower in cotton twill.

This is a work in progress.
I want to include my planned circumnavigation of Canada in 2024!

I am also still missing some past road trips - the ones where I didn't keep good records and am having trouble remembering where I went. In addition, I'm not including any trips to just San Francisco. Too many!

The trips inventory:

  • fall 1974 one way [ow] not yet stitched
  • summer 75 round trip [rt] not
  • winter 75/76 rt not
  • summer 76 rt not
  • winter 76 ow not
  • winter/spring rt 82 yellow
  • fall 82 ow not
  • winter 93 rt white
  • summer 94 rt very dark indigo
  • spring 95 rt lt green
  • spring-fall 96 rt hot pink
  • winter 96/97 rt light pink
  • fall 99 rt not
  • summer 2000 rt orange
  • fall 09 rt rust
  • spring 14 light blue
  • summer 15 emerald
  • summer/fall 21 rt tbd
  • spring/summer 24 rt tbd

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