Most of My Road Trips, Stitched

It's been WAY too long since I've been on a road trip!

I'm happy to say that I'll be making a quick drive up to San Francisco this coming Saturday.

One of my stuck-at-home projects was to start stitching all my road trips on a dish towel sized North American map. 

I worked up the map in Illustrator, using a Photoshopped denim scan and vector maps purchased from iStock. I had it printed by Spoonflower in cotton twill.

This is a work in progress.
I want to include my planned circumnavigation of Canada in 2024!

I am also still missing some past road trips - the ones where I didn't keep good records and am having trouble remembering where I went. In addition, I'm not including any trips to just San Francisco. Too many!

The trips inventory:

  • fall 1974 one way [ow] not yet stitched
  • summer 75 round trip [rt] not
  • winter 75/76 rt not
  • summer 76 rt not
  • winter 76 ow not
  • winter/spring rt 82 yellow
  • fall 82 ow not
  • winter 93 rt white
  • summer 94 rt very dark indigo
  • spring 95 rt lt green
  • spring-fall 96 rt hot pink
  • winter 96/97 rt light pink
  • fall 99 rt not
  • summer 2000 rt orange
  • fall 09 rt rust
  • spring 14 light blue
  • summer 15 emerald
  • summer/fall 21 rt tbd
  • spring/summer 24 rt tbd

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    Greetings from 77002: Downtown Houston on Foot

    During my five day stay in Houston, I had opportunities to escape my StARTup Art Fair room and explore the historic downtown area. [Long post with lots of photos]
    But first, the view from my room:
    Definitely a Maxfield Parrish dawn
    I won't bore you with the tons of pictures taken of the view from my room.
    If curious, go to my StARTup Houston photo dump on Flicker.
    A significant amount were taken, at all hours!
    My first foray was on Friday, when I was craving something sweet.
    These shots were taken on Main Street.
    My hotel, the Hotel Icon, is in the background on the far right. 
    Saturday, I headed northeast for breakfast on San Jacinto Street.
    This took me past the courthouse, an unusual parking lot sign, over the Buffalo Bayou, and into the land of bail bond establishments.
    This was my breakfast view.
    On Monday, I had to get some supplies at CVS. En route, I got good views of the neighboring Islamic Center, which housed the curious open air structure on its roof, seen in the first room view picture.
    The impressive facade of my hotel.
    It was originally a bank.
    Near CVS was Market Square, a lovely park with fun decorations. In the sidewalk surrounding it, old tiles (original establishments?) were embedded in the sidewalk.
    Returning to the hotel, I heard a familiar Texas sound: the cry of a grackle.
    My Texas sojourn was now complete.
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    Greetings from 77002: Video Walkthrough of Room 400, StARTup Art Fair, Houston

    There's a great video interview posted on Facebook shot by Ray Beldner, the fair director (which I don't know how to post anywhere besides Facebook. Sorry. It was one of those Facebook Live things).