I finally got my trip plotted out.
My very rough itinerary has me driving for 30 days. That would be 30 days straight, not yet factoring in social visits + detours, my high school reunion, maybe an art colony stay. Next I'll fine tune it, after I get the exact dates that I'll be staying with my mom in South Carolina.

While I wait for my Narrative camera, I've been doing a lot of staring out the kitchen window as the sun rises. (In reality, I've been staring out that window for 13 years -- ever since I moved in).
I've been scrutinizing the time, how soon before actual sunrise it starts getting light, etc.

As I contemplated the scene, I started thinking, "Yeah. This is what I'll be capturing as I drive down PCH for my test run." Then it dawned [sorry, couldn't resist] on me that this window faces SOUTH. I will be driving down the coast capturing dawn to the WEST. I've been looking out the wrong window!
Then I got a grip on myself. I've got the 120 miles from Santa Monica to San Diego looking to the west and then I'll be on the southern perimeter. Which is what I'm looking at from this window. Not doing it all wrong after all!

Have I made your head hurt yet?


  1. That's a nice view, particularly during sunrise. Travel is a fun adventure.

    1. Thanks Ally. It's a view that doesn't get old. When the city first planted the sycamores, I thought "Oh no! My view is doomed!" Now, I've become quite fond of them. One of my experiments with the new camera will be timelapsing the sunrise from this exact spot.
      I agree, travel is fun! Some mornings, commuting to work, I pretend I'm embarking on a road trip. Chalk that up to an active imagination!


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